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24 August 2014

friend in need is a friend indeed

hye assalamualaikum

i dedicate this post to my beloved bestfriend i ever had. 

i'm very grateful to Allah because i have been meet u in my teenager-hood. me and u growth up all very well until we're becoming matured. this relationship is too precious for me. and it is already 8 years dear. i thank to you because always there for me. have u as my adviser is too mainstream. hahaha. please keep our memories tightly and never forget every single day of our whole time together. i love so much. i know u are not longer stand on my side forever because there have somebody welcoming u to his life. congratulation dear. i'm so happy to see both of u. i hope that he can always warm u, hug u and accompany u perfectly like u do so to me. Alhamdulillah for the kindness u given me. Thank you Suhana Fettysha. 


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